Flat Web Design in the Year 2016


Flat Web Design in the Year 2016

Flat Web Design in the Year 2016

Just a couple of years ago, everything that came towards consumers was filled with a lots of animations and glittery things, especially websites and apps were covered with them. All these things made the designs bit heavy, they took way too much time to load on slow internet connections.

From a point of view of a watcher, it definitely looked cool, but they lacked in many other abilities that were much important than just looking pretty. To end that, few years back, Google introduced their material design that was very near to the concept of flat designs. This paved the way for more and more people adapting the flat material designing for their websites and apps.

Though there were quite a few flat designs before Google’s material design inauguration, but Google generalized it to the masses and now everybody in seemingly accepting towards it and jumping on that bandwagon.

The flat design incorporates different number of elements into it that make the design that amazing. The design includes bright and sharp colors, mystical typographies, and very unique and simple looking flat interfaces that scream minimalist designing.

Unlike the heavily animated websites, the flat designed website mainly concentrates on the content of the website that the writer and blogger want you to focus on.

In this article, we will guide you how the flat designs are going to go forward in the industry and how you can use them in your websites, brandings and apps, so that you will get the most of these designs with very little effect from your end.

The heavily animated sites have seen their prime, but as we getting out of the honeymoon period of the Social media, people are again realizing about the importance of the content and returning back to the basics. Content should be and it is now, the most crucial part of anything especially websites. In flat designs, the designers have made sure that their content should remain the nucleus of the website, and shouldn’t be overpowered by the flashy things that only binds your mind for only few seconds.

As we move forward in the world of the web, the flat designs are getting famous and mature at the same time. Many big guns are changings their shiny and complicated designs to more flats design. Microsoft has jump onto flat design as they introduced flat designed metro style Windows 8 few years ago. Apple also took queues from flat design and implemented it in their iOS 9.

Flat designs not only speeds up the things but they show a bit a class apart from a flashy graphical ones. The flat design has also abridged every platform together, which show how the technology has come to make things on the web more and more interesting. Advent of flat design means that people who are the backbone of the web and hold everything together are working to make the internet a better experience for everybody.

If you are a web designer then the section below is definitely for you. As we help you and guide you through the process of creating a flat web and app design.

First thing everyone should keep in mind that flat designs are not for every website and niche. For example, if you have a website showcasing your photography, you should probably refrain from flat design. Photography websites need a lot of photos, parallax scrolling, cool animations, as that is their prime content, which the flat design does not provide.

Many online stores, gaming sites, search engines, and especially the blogs are using flat designs to their sites. As they don’t want to highlight the designing but the content above the design of the websites.

To have an amazingly simple and cool looking website made using the flat designs, there are many things that you need to focus on. At the first stage you have to make up a plan as how you are going to present your content on the page, if you just go with the defaults then your site might look like a hundred other sites on the web.

Focus on the hieratical arrangement of the content. How the pages are going to look apart from the homepage. Not to make it the oversimplified design, what icons and typography you will use.

The elements on each page should have its own identity and should not interfere with the language of other elements. Some of the elements that should not intersect with one another are the colors in form page and the box content on it.

The buttons on the flat design style not always use the flat background colors, but if you use them they give you an extra punch for your flatly designed website. People also use many shapes, typography, color schemes, and pictograms as they make the concept of flat design pop out. Otherwise the flat design would make your website too bland too look at, let alone love it.

As the previous web designing techniques incorporate many of the animations and styles. Those are no longer a norm in the flat designs, instead, they tend to use many of the other elements to make the otherwise simple looking design to look elegant and stunning.

In that respect, many designers who make flat web designs, add long shadow effect to their design, it gives them the depth that make design come alive without coming off as an overly animated solution instead. They add the necessary contrast to the images which helps in making the visual experience more appealing.

As many of the flat designs don’t focus on the usage of pictures and images instead they try to use the colors to their designs. So to make it more interesting and efficient, designers tend to use dynamic and bright color schemes.

In this day and age, people push things away which are a little flashy for their taste. So this flat web design is here to stay, and a new designer should be able to take advantage of this design language.

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